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Looking for the ways how to drive more traffic to your website and generate revenue for your business? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy used to optimize your website and content for the search engines. As a result, it helps your business to reach the target audience, while they are searching online.

Without SEO, it becomes very difficult for your targeted audience to find you over the internet, which reduces the number of website visitors and the conversions for your business. An SEO strategy includes various tactics, including keywords optimization, backlink building, and many more. The Overall goal of SEO is to make your website easily readable to search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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Want To Avoid Search Engine Penalties? Analyze Your Entire Website Through SEO checker!

BMA's free SEO checker tool eliminates the necessity of researching and learning tens of on-page SEO factors that influence your page ranking. You just have to enter your page's URL and a target keyword, while Branding does the rest for you. We, at Branding Marketing Agency, always use the latest algorithms and follows the best on-page SEO methods.

Our SEO checker highlights what signals have a really high impact on SEO and which signals can be skipped without affecting your page rankings. BMA's free SEO audit tool allows you to enter the URL of the page you want to evaluate, as well as the keyword or phrase to be targeted. You can even add the URL of a competitor's page to see how you stack up against them.

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Process Involved In SEO Checker Tool

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Branding Marketing Agency will send you an email of comprehensive SEO analysis that outlines website doing great and the concerned area where you can improve your SEO strategy. Moreover, we will include a page grade based on the number of positive signals and problems. Our SEO audit will calculate the key parts, such as site speed and URL. And we will take a look at your title, description, and heading tags to ensure that they are optimized to help you rank for the entered keyword or phrase.

In our SEO check process, we will also insert a page and root domain link analysis that shows the number and quality of your inbound and outbound links. Also, the analysis of the image and copy on your page is done to guarantee that each element contributes to your SEO efforts. In the end, our SEO scan will test the mobile-friendliness of your website and provide you with a mobile analysis report that will help you to enhance the experience of mobile users on your website.

If you want to examine the technical elements of your website, then we will also perform a social analysis that details the number of domains shares on Facebook, and LinkedIn. The checking of the presence of a tweet button, Facebook share button and links to your blogs is also done throughout our SEO check process.

BMA will provide you with an actionable list of the tasks to complete in order to optimize your page accurately. Overall, by enhancing your SEO with our free SEO checker tool, you can drive more traffic to your website, increase your lead online, and earn more revenue for your company. If you want to know more in detail, then check out our SEO plans and prices or call us at 619 798 8179 to speak with our SEO specialist.

What are you waiting for? Try BMA's free SEO checker, and start optimizing your website today!