Online Marketing Calculator: Help You Define The Right Budget For Your Online Marketing Strategies!

An internet marketing plan is a detailed graph that outlines your marketing strategies, tactics, costs and projected outcomes in a specific period. Your internet marketing plan and budget keep your entire team focused on desired goals - it is a critical resource for your entire company.

Initially, deciding how much to spend on marketing, advertising, and your website can be difficult. Although, your internet marketing plan should be accurate for the coming years to achieve your business goals. You can make a decision while researching all around, but how do you know if the this analysis is right?

Marketing Strategies

BMA's experts have shown some statistics which concludes that up to 80% of small to mid-scale companies operate from a budget only - without any online marketing plan to accompany it. This reveals why marketers are tactically focused on how to spend on a defined budget, instead of thinking about goals and strategies.

We have defined a marketing calculator which gives you a quick, easy and FREE way to plan your online marketing strategy. Choose or fill the space of whatever you required to start building your custom online marketing strategy. Our accurate online marketing calculator will define you the amount you should spend each month on SEO, PPC, link building, email marketing, and more. In the end, you'll see your recommended online marketing budget that can help to grow your business.

If you want a rough idea of a next quarterly budget, then a free internet marketing strategy can help you get started. It can help you to identify the areas you want to target specifically before executing the plan. Our online marketing calculator is design to make your internet marketing strategy planning easy. It will quickly generate a monthly budget for you integrating the whole plan breakdown.

If you want more options for an online marketing budget, then you can change the data in the marketing calculator at any time. Being one of the best marketing agencies, we are dedicated to providing you transparent pricing. We have made a huge fan club based on our dedication for marketing and driven more than 1.1 million leads.

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Start by Building Your Custom Online Marketing Strategy


Confused with the terms in our Online Marketing Calculator? Here is a quick rundown of these marketing strategies and why we recommend them.


Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to rank your website on the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more. SEO refers to actively optimizing your website's content, so you rank in a better position in searches for the keyword or phrase you wish.


Link building is an important part of a website's SEO strategy. It is used to make your site better than other high-ranking websites. There are dozens of ways to build links, including creating viral content, guest blogging and through PR strategies like a press release and news articles.


Online presence on social media allows your business to communicate with the clients, increasing business leads. On a network like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can easily post updates related to your brand. Also, start conversations with clients, and run special promotions or contests that will increase both engagements and loyalty.


Is your website getting outdated? A website redesign can help make your site look fresh and new again. Redesigning includes several levels of updates, from restructuring the home page to create new banners and graphics. As a result, it will change the overall appearance of every page on your site.


Infographic is an ideal way to make your brand recognized and bringing visitors to your site. Creative infographics integrates data which is displayed in a beautiful flow chart or graph. It might be shared hundreds or even thousands of times - resulting in many new links back to your site.


Pay-per-click ads are small text advertisements that appear throughout search results on the major search engine like Google. It is a quick and easy way to have a positive return on investment, and the ads can be as inexpensive as pennies per click.


Having exceptional content on your website allows website ranking on a higher position than your competitors. By posting interesting blogs, articles, guides, or white papers, it will educate visitors and more likely to convert to a customer.


Purchasing advertisements on other websites is an ideal way to drive traffic and sales. By carefully testing your media options, you can keep effective advertisements. As a result, it will target to the right audience at the right time.


In purchasing any product or service, everyone loves to have a great deal. Listing a coupon or promotion online is a great way to attract your potential buyers to make a purchase. Submitting your coupons to major coupons sites will give you high visibility, and may even bring back repeat customers!


Email marketing is a wonderful way to build relationships between your brand and clients. By sending highly targeted emails with big calls to actions, you can increase sales and grow your subscribers.


Google Analytics is a free tracking method which allows you to see traffic, clicks, conversions, and many other important statistics on your website. You can set up custom reports, goals, while ultimately learn about which pages or content pieces are more effective than others.


The best way to track the source of lead that reach you via a phone call is known as call tracking. By setting up multiple phone numbers, you can attribute leads or sales to a different source and know where your new business is coming from.


Feeds like Google Shopping display products for sale can either be locally or on national websites. By submitting your products to these feeds, you are giving yourself another chance at getting your website in front of potential buyers.


If you want your business on the top where visitors who are searching in your area, then local SEO will help you get noticed. A local SEO plan includes the placement of key phrases relevant to your services and your location on your website. For instance, San Diego web design for local SEO campaigns.


Conversion rate optimization refers to the process of ensuring that it site builts to encourage maximum conversions. BMA's professionals will calculate the conversion analysis of your website for possible problems that may be drive away customers without you even realizing it.

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So, now you know about the services provided by BMA's online marketing calculator, let us help you get started! This recommendation is based on your budget and the nature of your business, but BMA can give you an exact quote to help you plan your marketing budget more effectively.

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