Tips While Designing a Carpet Cleaning Website

carpet cleaning websites

These days, when people are looking for cleaning services in their area, they go for a quick Google search. You want your site to be the top of search results, and when that customer clicks on your listing, you want your website to make a good impression.

So how do you manage an effective refresh of your company’s site? Make sure it contains key components that boost your business’s professionalism and compel your customer to give you a call. To help you visualize what these elements are, we’ve included examples of cleaning companies that have got the art of web design down pat.

  1. Monster Steamer
  2. Same Day Restoration and Cleaning
  3. Clean N Fresh
  4. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners
  5. LCS Janitorial Services

Tips to Design Carpet cleaning website:

  1. Build a responsive design:

A responsive design, simply means that it allows the website developers to create a site that your content will look same on different size of devices. The responsive design way makes access to flexible layouts, flexible images, and CSS media queries. When this type of design is used on a website, the web page will be able to detect the visitor’s device screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

  1. Easy navigation:

Strive to attain reasonably What’s more sensible route to your site. Create a menu item and a page for every service you’re offering, such as “Carpet Cleaning” and “Upholstery Cleaning.”

  1. Use Page titles:

Let your page titles communicate what your page is all about. In short, try to make in such a way that the readers and search engines get an overview of what your page is about.


  1. Use the most relevant content on your site:

Have you ever heard about “Thin Content”? Well, that term could be describing what’s damaging your website when it comes to the ranking of your website. “Thin Content,” as far as page positioning is concerned, may be content that you might have duplicated from different sources or substance for a low statement check. Strive with attaining in any event 500 expressions for each of your pages, same time making certain that know of your substance is pertinent also unique. Disappointment to do that may bring about your website’s rankings diminishing, Google’s scan results, furthermore, will bring yourself to the fault.

  1. Use descriptive alt tags with your images.

Adding images to your pages is very important, especially when you want the readers to have a clearer idea of what you’re trying to explain. Unfortunately, search engines can’t “see” pictures in a detailed way as we humans do. They need to read what the images are about, which is why descriptive alt tags are necessary.

  1. Study your inbound links.

These are the links to your website that are posted on other websites. You need to examine the links between authority and relevance by making use of platforms like SEMrush for analysing links and more.

  1. Use Meta Descriptions

Meta description advises guests & search engine about what’s your page is all about by giving important and descriptive data or information on every page. Make utilization of Meta descriptions to supplement the utilization of things such as page titles.


  1. You can Post before/After images of your work on your website
  2. You can create a Q/A page for the visitors
  3. Feedback page would help to improve your website


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