Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

‘Thank You’! Well, that’s the word everyone loves to hear and see any time of the day.

Thanksgiving is a special and a busy holiday for all and something that is revered by every business. The emotional connection with the customers holds relevance here, of course, with no barging in the personal space and overwhelming them with unwanted content.

With the pandemic situation, the customers would be searching for online services and the delivery at their doorstep. The shoppers are exploring for a perfect holiday and the time is just right for the businesses to make a place in their hearts in the long run.

Every celebration demands the hygiene and decor of the surroundings. The customers want a clean and sparkling home before they even start to think about inviting and eating with family and friends on a special day. With ‘Thanksgiving’ being all about sharing and caring, home and care businesses hold a good space in the minds.

Cleanliness is an evergreen requirement of the customers, but not to take it for granted the competition is tough too. To make your business visible, it is important to get noticed whenever they think of cleaning their homes and pets. Let us check out some Thanksgiving marketing ideas to get your business noticed.

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas To Boost Up Small Businesses

1) Search Engine Optimization

What comes to your mind when we think about cleaning the house during Thanksgiving? Carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, windows cleaning, pressure washing, water damage restoration, HVAC, and pet care are some of the highlighted thoughts. Maybe not all at the same time!

As a user of any service few things like the nature and location of the service are of high importance. By using the keywords such as ‘Thanksgiving’, ‘carpet cleaning near me’, ‘window cleaners around’, ‘water damage repairs’, ‘doggy daycare near me’, you can surely grab the attention of your prospective customers – which is the best SEO ranking factor. Other keywords that can be included are ‘messy home’,’plumbing issues’,’professional cleaning’, ‘dirty surfaces at home’. Placing these keywords on the website can enhance the reach of the customers and thus increase the visibility.

2) Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are the first communicators of your business. They can enhance not only the outlook of your website but also increase the leads for higher sales. User-friendly and perfect landing pages are the motivators for the customers to subscribe to your services. Offers and discounts during the festive season are always a ‘Yes’ for the buyers.

Thanksgiving Landing Page

You can change the theme of your landing page to best suit the Thanksgiving festival. A continuous update of the web pages keeps the customers informed about the latest deals and packages offered by the company. Latest events and activities related to the business can be added on the pages.

3) Google My Business Profile

This is like your profile picture which gives the first impression of your business. For instance, people sometimes judge a book by its cover and the same is true for any business. Therefore, to have complete information on this page such as location, working hours, and nature of service should be of high priority. Google business reviews are clearly visible here, so any positive reviews should be immediately reciprocated and for any unsatisfied customer the grievances should be dealt with complete care.

GMB Page Denver Pros

Above is an example of Google My Business Page of Denver Pros company. They have provided all the information required on their GMB page. You can update the page in tune with the festivals to keep the audience mood enlightened.

4) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the most fast reaching to the people. Be it the millennials, Gen-Xers or for that matter, every group has an active involvement in this social engagement. A Facebook business page is like the face of your company and targets the audience as per their interests and likes.

Who would be interested in the services on the occasion? Mothers, commercial property owners, large building administrators, and the busy working audience are the best groups to target here. An attractive visual display with good content of the service always grabs the attention.

Facebook Ads For Thanksgiving

Just as in the landing pages, the business deals and offers, events and activities can be promoted on Facebook. The above Facebook Ad is the best example to market your small business on Facebook. This makes the followers more interested in the company’s happenings and thus converting the leads into sales.

A tagline such as “Thank You for visiting us today. Happy Thanksgiving!” would be sending good vibes to the visitors.

So, planning the content for Facebook in the social media calendar would definitely be a good idea. Moreover, the number of likes you receive on your post is a good measuring tool for your business effectiveness.

5) PPC (Pay per Click ads)

To keep up with the growing trends in online marketing, it has become even more essential to reach out by the click of a finger. When we think about any service and make a Google search, the first few links are the ones that win the attention. With PPC, you can give more details including your contact, location, and related information.

As being in the cleaning business, nothing is better than someone finding you on top of the search and looking forward to your services. Google Ads dominates in this advertising forte. People who would like to search for cleaning services on Thanksgiving and your business showing up in the early links will take them directly to your landing page.

Different types of ads are available for the cleaning business such as video ads, search ads, and display ads to promote your services on Google.

6) Social Media Marketing

Communicate Yourself with Others Through the Online World

With every customer searching for solutions on the internet without the hassle of traveling around for services, online existence has become more important than before.

Traditional email marketing is still here to stay as sending emails to customers gives a personal touch. Sending postcards or brochures on mailers is a way to communicate with the customers in a more private space. E-mails with emotional subject lines are more likely to gain the reader’s attention. The conversion of a lead to sales is high through mails as compared to other social media channels. Those leads who believe in lower attraction and more in the basics can be surely included in the mailer’s list.

A Welcome or Thank You note will always be appreciated as it indicates that the customer is valuable to us. Special offers for the occasions should always be a part of the promotional emails.

7) Staying Responsive to Everyone

A quick response is always appreciated by the customers. Any message sent by the customer is best responded to within 12 hours or earlier the better. They may be communicating with many other cleaning companies, an apt response will be an assurance to become a customer or a positive review in his mind. The feedback reveals the truth about the customer’s feelings, so a simple ‘Thank You’ for an appreciation works well for a reply.

Creating Hashtags

Creating Hashtags can be used to engage with and increase the flow of the followers. For instance, #cleanthanks where one can share an experience about satisfaction with the cleaning service and thank for the same. They are a good source for targeting the audience having an interest in the specific area. The inclusion of your work location in the hashtag is another way to make yourself visible on social media, so customers nearby can locate you.

8) Utilize the Thanksgiving Colors and Themes

Changing the colors and themes of online promotions would encourage the customers for change and variety. For instance, one day the theme can be orange and the service-related pictures can be pumpkin, for the yellow color corn, the profile pictures can be decorated with corn, brown color for turkey so the landing pages could have a turkey moving around.

Thanksgiving Banner

Online posts such as on Facebook, can be designed according to the themes every day to bring in special feelings. The above image well describes the message of Thanksgiving Day.

9) Involve in Local Community Giving

Bringing everyone together and involving every member makes Thanksgiving more special. Although volunteering for a good cause needs no reason, this time of the year calls for special attention. As a business with employees, you can create teams and volunteer at various events.

10) Give a Reason to Smile on Thanksgiving

With people living under too much stress, smiling is just the right medicine. Thanksgiving is the celebration of sharing and caring. Emotions bring out the best in everyone and giving people a reason to smile is the finest way to connect with them. You can set up a stall in a market with your company’s banners.

Give away encouraging messages to people like ‘Have a Clean Day’, ‘Have a Wonderful Day’, ‘Thank You for Everything’,’Keep up the Good Mood’.

11) Doggy Daycare Shoppy

You can volunteer to take care of the pet dogs for free on Thanksgiving as a gesture of celebration. Keep your doggy daycare available with facilities required to gain the trust of the owners. Make sure to take good care of the pets as the customer may like your service and hire you for the future.

To know about getting more customers here are some tips for your doggy daycare business.

12) Volunteer to Clean

It is an opportunity to showcase your service for a good cause. You can volunteer to clean your neighborhood old age home or a shelter for the needy. A service that will be remembered for a long time or rather say until next time! This would also be a good way to connect with the locals and your brand awareness.

Final Word

The synonym for ‘service’ is ‘help’ and every time is perfect to take this help. It could be a celebration or just a hurricane that left the windows stained and pained, a pet dog fight that spilled stuff on a carpet, a tap broke out of its mood. The reasons may be many, but help to the needy is the call of the moment. So, this season make sure to share yourself with others, and don’t forget to measure how well you did with the customers. In the end, these Thanksgiving marketing ideas can help you a lot.



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