30 Pressure Washing Advertising Ideas To Grow Your business

pressure washing advertising ideas

Best way to kick-start your business in this year is by fusing pressure washing advertising ideas to your business plan. This is because a well-crafted blend of your sales and marketing is important for your successful business growth. Pressure washing advertising helps you increase sales without spending a huge amount of money.

Whether you have a medium-sized business or large-scale pressure washing company, marketing strategy is the key to take your business to the next level. But, what if you are running out of your budget? Then how to get pressure washing jobs? Keep trying different marketing strategies you haven’t tried before.

Here we have mentioned the top 30 advertising methods which we can declare as an effective pressure washing business start-up kit.

Inbound Marketing Strategies – Drive Potential Customers To Your Website

Rather than outwardly advertising your pressure washing service, in inbound marketing, you bring targeted customers to your website and make them familiarize with your brand and offerings. Let us observe some of the inbound marketing ideas to generate more leads and traffic to your pressure washing website.

1. Email Marketing

Pressure Washing Email Marketing

One of the best ways to get new customers engaged with your pressure washing business is implementing email marketing. Creating an email newsletter offering a discount on their first pressure washing project help you gain more paying customers. Allow your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter and see the magic of email marketing. You can send this newsletter in bulk to the targeted customers in your email list. So, start creating your own email campaigns with a free marketing service like MailChimp.

2. Content Marketing

content marketing

Image courtesy: hubspot

According to the Hubspot, publishing quality content leads to drive more traffic to your website and convert readers into customers. Content marketing is simply the best form of pressure washing advertising ideas in which you can focus on winning customers by providing them useful information. The ultimate goal of implementing content marketing is to make sales. The content can be info-graphics, blog posts, images or even slide presentations. You can promote your content on various sources on which your customers are likely to encounter it.

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3. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video is an important part of pressure washing advertising. As per the Wyzowl statistics, 63% of the businesses have started implementing video marketing. And other percentages of businesses believe that video marketing is an important part of their strategy. From boosting conversion and sales, increasing ROI, building trust, appeals to mobile users to engaging potential buyers, video marketing is beneficial from all angles. From this, we can say that marketing your pressure washing business through sharing videos on various platforms is the key part of online marketing.

4. Re-targeting

Re-targeting, which is also known as re-marketing is one of the smart pressure washing advertising ideas. It is the practice displaying ads on one website for something viewed or searched on another site.

retargeting marketing

Note: Re-targeting focuses on customers who have already visited your website. Therefore, it provides the best result when working with another traditional or online marketing strategy. Overall, we can say that re-targeting is like a digital postcard which you send to your favorite customers. And if it is implemented properly then it can increase the overall performance of all your marketing channels.

5. Public Relations

One of the cost-effective ways to market your pressure washing business is PR i.e. Public Relations. If you have a limited budget and want to advertise your services, then this is the best online marketing strategy for you. It helps you reach the target marketing by sharing on the top PR submission sites. Most of the sites allow you to free submit your PR content on the online text editor, also you can add hyperlinks related to your pressure washing services to generate more leads.

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6. Webinar

Terrifying and engaging seminar conducted on the internet is known as Webinars. From building public relationships to increase your pressure washing business sales, a webinar is beneficial from all angles. Simply, there is nothing which can be more effective than seeing someone live. Through webinars, you can share live video with your potential audiences which help them to know better about your business. One important benefit with webinars are that you don’t have to hire an expert, just with proper guidance, you can do it on your own. Overall, when we talk about the connection with the audience, authority, and sales building, webinars is the answer to your question about how to get pressure washing jobs.

7. Social Media

Social Media Marketing

In 2019, social media marketing will become one of the beneficial pressure washing business ideas to drive more customers and sales. With most of the people online, it is important to promote your business online. There are various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more. You can create tweets or short content related to your pressure washing business and share it over these social channels.

Another than this, you can also follow groups, pages or targeted customers of a specific area. This way you can increase your business online visibility. Overall, social media marketing lets you share a lot about your pressure washing business.

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8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Approximately, 49,500 Google searches occur each year for pressure washing services in the US. Among them, 60 percent of people find their home services online. Therefore, it is very important to have a good online presence on both organic and local Google search engine result pages (SERPs) for your pressure washing business. How about getting your pressure washing website on top 3 positions among all 10 positions on Google search engine page? It helps you gain more customers right! SEO marketing strategies exactly do that. Implementing an SEO marketing strategy will grow your website’s search rankings for targeted keywords. Along with driving traffic to your business, SEO also helps you convert leads.

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9. Community Building

Potential customers will attract towards your pressure washing business when good, authentic and valuable information is provided to them. Through community building, you can easily share key points of your services. According to the studies, having a community can help to grow your business in many ways such as increase customer retention and feedback on new ideas and products. A lot of communities today are created on social media.

Fcaebook Group

Create Facebook page

You can create Facebook groups to build a community for your loyal customers and Facebook page to promote your business to everyone. This way a community is created for your customers i.e. a place where they can communicate with each other and share best practices.

10. PPC Marketing

Today, there are many ways to reach potential customers and prospects. Millions of videos, blogs, and graphics are published every single minute. Sometimes, it becomes harder to get your message in front of the targeted people who matter most. Unless you implement paid search campaigns i.e. PPC marketing for your pressure washing business. It allows you to target consumers – based on who they are, where they live, what are their interest and much more.

ppc marketing

Google Ads is the most popular form of PPC advertising, which allows you to bid on selected keywords that are related to your pressure washing business. You can invest in highly targeted ads through Google, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Display ads i.e. remarketing ads and Paid ads are the basic two forms of pay-per-click advertising.

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Outbound Marketing Tactics – Reach consumers through media advertising

11. Direct Mail

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to expand your pressure washing business, then direct mail is the best option. According to the research, direct mail has got a 1-2% response rate when 42% of recipients read it. On the other side, digital ads have an average 0.14 percent ad click-through rate and conversion rate of just 2.35%. Thus, we can say that sending out 10,000 direct mails will generate 100 new customers for your business. You can grow your pressure washing business through direct mail in many ways for example, through direct mail postcards, door hangers, every door direct mail advertising, stickers, and magnets or with custom print effects.

No matter which form of direct mail advertising you choose, your potential audience find it difficult to ignore. Overall, direct mail can be the pressure washer business start up kit as initially; you can target customers through a tangible printed piece including your business message which influences the audience to take the action.

12. Cold Calling

The initial step of the sales process is cold calling. It refers to make a phone call to prospective customers with whom your business had no previous relationship. While calling, the aim is to determine the decision maker, evaluate the requirement for your pressure washing service and schedule a pitch meeting if sales opportunity exists.

Cold Calling

In less than 30 seconds, customer’s attention is grabbed preparing effective cold calling scripts. It is recommended to go for in-house cold calling hiring a salesman rather than outsourcing as you may lose control over your first customer. Always remember cold calling is first about establishing a relationship and then selling your product or service. This will definitely help you grow your business rapidly, making it the best pressure washing advertising ideas.

13. Guerrilla Marketing

Renowned as the low-cost advertising strategy, Guerrilla marketing aims to promote products or services in public spaces using creativity instead of huge ad spend to attract customers’ attention. There are four types of guerrilla marketing including outdoor, indoor, event ambush, and experiential. You can incorporate this in your pressure washing business ideas. But, remember successful guerilla marketing requires a mix of surprise, delight, and imagination. Let us take an example of how companies get the benefit from guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing pressure washing

For example: The famous American paper towel product manufacturer Bounty have understood the issue behind their product or service and find a conventional way to broadcast to the public without uttering a word. They have implemented guerilla marketing and installed a gigantic melting Popsicle throughout the streets of New York. This way the company attracts a lot of customers implementing this unique way of advertising which delivers their business idea i.e. Bounty – makes small work for big spills!

Guerrila Marketing explained with example

14. Print Advertising

From building a brand, establishing credibility and convince consumers to hire your services or products, print advertising covers all. It is the ideal way to target your specific potential customers. That means your ad in newspaper or magazines which reach to the many audiences who are interested in your pressure washing services.

3D ads in newspaper

We can say print advertising as one of the effective marketing strategies because newspapers are ranking on top for engagement metrics such as keeping the customer’s interest in mind and trustworthiness. Maximum people trust the information that they read in newspapers, making print advertising an ultimate way for your pressure washing brand to build or enhance the reputation. Overall, it can skyrocket your business.

15. Meetings / Seminar

Conducting meetings, seminar, conferences or workshops provide unique learning while creating awareness about your pressure washing business. You can deliver key points or benefits about the services or products through these seminars. It provides an opportunity for your potential customers to share their perspectives and issues related to pressure washing service. This way through interchanging ideas and problems you can easily provide solutions to audiences. Overall, seminars increase the community of your potential customers interested in your service, expanding your business. Thus, we can say that it is one of the best pressure washing advertising ideas.

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16. Event Marketing

According to the studies, event marketing makes up 24% of the B2B marketing budget and is one of the safest and fastest ways to grow your business. You get an opportunity to get in touch with the whole group of people together instead of selling your product or services on a one-to-one basis. This is the best way to utilize time and increase your business leads.

While sharing ideas, information and merits about your business, you can also offer for an instant sign-up. That means request users for their email address and names. This way you can easily build-up your community of interested people. Event marketing can also be conducted through digital events such as webinars or live-streamed workshops. So, the power of live events will continue to grow in the coming years.

17. Content Syndication

You already know the power of content creating and sharing blogs, video or infographics on your website. But, want a bigger boost in search rankings, brand awareness, and conversions without creating more content? Opt for content syndication. It is the practice of giving permission for your content already published on your website to be posted on the third party website. If you want to get your brand in front of bigger audiences, then syndicating content is the best way. You can submit your content to syndication services which are free i.e. don’t charge to post your content for example business 2 community or social media today. Also, ensure that when you submit your content at least get a link back to the page of your pressure washing website. This way you get a higher volume of different traffic while enhancing your website’s search ranking.

18. Broadcast Media

Simply, the distribution of blogs and video content to a larger audience is known as broadcast media. Traditionally, it is implemented to describe television and radio commercials, but now it also includes the sharing of the same material through the internet. It gives your business a big exposure as your content is being distributed multiple times on various platforms.

Broadcast on Air

The Power Of Broadcast Media Increase Your Business Online Visibility

Various broadcast mediums like TV or radio are supplementing with digital media on-air campaigns to provide on-air and on-screen promotions, ensuring that your message is presented to targeted audiences. Therefore, whenever you want to increase brand awareness among potential customers while expanding your business, then broadcast media is one of the best pressure washing advertising ideas.

In-Person Networking Tactics – Help You Attract Potential Customers

19. Business Meet-ups

Business meet-ups have developed over the last few years as a way for people who have a common interest, often having met and communicated over the Internet, to get together in real life. Usually, the organizer will have booked private meeting venue with some refreshments, recovering the costs by charging a small fee from the attendees.

Business Meet-ups

Organizers will usually decide on a topic for a particular meet up and then arrange speakers to talk on related subjects. Free time is usually used to network among the attendees and many people who attend meet ups will find this networking opportunity to be the most valuable part of the session. It will definitely help your pressure washing business. Let’s see how:

  • As everyone attending will have similar interests
  • Get more ideas and inspiration from the speakers and other attendees
  • You can pick up certain tips that you can implement in your pressure washing business.
  • Get solutions to the problem you are struggling with your business.

So make sure you attend the business meet-ups related to pressure washing services

20. In Person Meeting

In-person marketing refers to any scenario in which you can promote your pressure washing business to another person or a group of people in person. When you plan for In-Person Marketing you need to attend trade shows, conventions, and other events to promote your pressure washing service. The best thing you can do is rent a booth at a local trade show or offer to speak at a convention related to your niche. This will help you to put your services in front of real people and get an opportunity to pitch your service to them In-Person. This will throw a clear idea about your services and make the potential client more confident towards your business. Additionally, you can share nice attractive leaflets and even your visiting card, with clear and big Call-To-Action. This is one of the best traditional ways which is still used by business tycoons.

In Person Meeting

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21. Handwritten Notes

You know the excitement level when you receive a hand-addressed envelope in the mailbox? It would be the first thing you’ll open as you see it, as it stands out amidst the stack of ordinary mail you get on a regular basis. The reason is the envelope is more personal and more exciting. A handwritten message is something bizarre which makes people more excited, hence the chances of reading the message increases. Moreover, the personalized message makes them feel how valuable they are for you. It has been proved that by using an affordable handwritten campaigns you can have economical higher ROI.

Handwritten Notes

Social Media Marketing Ideas – Increases Your Brand Recognition

22. Referrals from Current Customers

Referral means when a happy client recommends your business to his friends and family is called referrals marketing. There are many business owners who offer extra rewards coupons on their next services, who bring referral work. Referral marketing is one of the best pressure washing advertising ideas. You can use this technique as it does not require any financial investment; you just need to ask the client to recommend your services to friends and family if they are satisfied with your job. It has been proved that people believe in the customer’s recommendation who has experienced the services before. Hence, you should obviously use this strategy to expand your client base.

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23. Reviews and Testimonials

As a business owner, you might be aware that how important reviews and testimonials are. You can see them all around us on Facebook to Google, Yelp, and many more. The digital world has made it particularly simple for people to leave and read online reviews and testimonials. A study by Bigcommerce says that 92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase.

Rating and Reviews

Moreover, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Showcasing your reviews and testimonials on your pressure washing website will develop trust in your business. The more great reviews and testimonials your business has, the easier it is for customers to make their decision. Reviews will play an important role if you are doing local SEO for your business. Therefore, it is vital to give equal importance to reviews and testimonials.

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24. Run a Facebook Live campaign

Facebook Live Campaigning is in trend nowadays. You can advertise your services using the live session; parallel you also can talk about the merits and specialties of using your pressure washing services. This is a great way that allows you to directly get connected to your raving fans in a live session. It is essential to get connected to them as raving fans could be your best brand advocates. Moreover, apart from promoting your brand and products, make sure you also organize Q&A live sessions. By implementing Facebook Live in your pressure washing advertising ideas, you will deliver an instant, real-time source of content for viewers that are like nothing else.

facebok live

25. Influencer Marketing

Study showed that 94 percent of marketer found influencer marketing to be effective. Nearly half of those who used it in the past year planned on increasing their budget for influencer marketing in the year to come.

You need to have looked on these predicted figures related to Influencer Marketing in 2109.

Influencer marketing

Pic Courtesy: Spinsucks

Influencer Marketing can be a stepping stone to success for your pressure washing business. As it can drive many leads and grow your business. Here you have to find specific demographics such as age, gender, location, interest, etc to have a clear picture of your audience. After that, you can find a relevant influencer to your services, who can promote your business in your targeted location. This will boost your services due to the followers of the influencer. So, find your influencer today and boost your pressure washing business.

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Other Important Marketing Ideas – To Promote Your Pressure Washing Business

26. Craigslist

There are millions of users who visit Craigslist to sell items online and in search of services such as yours, pressure washing. On Craigslist, you can do free pressure washing advertising. Craigslist will sort the ads into a category, relevant to your pressure washing service. This will make it easy for the visitors to browse the relevant classified ads quickly. It is one of the best pressure washing advertising as you can drive many clients by posting attractive offers or something unique or extra services that your competitors are not providing. There are many business owners who use Craigslist in their pressure washing advertising ideas. Create your Craigslist account and post your free ads today!

27. Local Listing

A local business listing is an online entry that contains your business Name, Address, and phone number (NAP) along with other details. There are a lot of websites like Brownbook, Hotfrog, Foursquare, and Yellow Pages where you can create a free local business listing for your pressure washing services.

Local Listing

Hence, when you plan for your pressure washing business marketing, the first thing you need to do is create a local business listing. It is essential as it will give more visibility to your pressure washing business. In fact, every new listing that you create will enhance your chances of being found online by customers. The more you list your business on directories, the more visible your pressure washing business is. If your business is visible online, search engines trust the accuracy of your business data and thus, your chances of ranking on top for local searches shoot up. This will end up driving more clients and business growth. So, hurry up and start listing your business.

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28. Geo-Fencing

Geo-Fencing is location-based marketing and has tremendous potential to engage potential customers for a targeted campaign. In this type, geographic fencing is custom drawn according to your business. This technology tracks when someone enters or exits the geographic boundary you have set for your Geofencing campaign. For example, whenever someone enters your pressure washing business boundary, it will deliver an alert message to the person’s smartphone about your services. Geo-fencing is a great technology for you if are new with the pressure washing business, as it allows you to directly compete with the big businesses for a fraction of price. By leveraging this technology many small businesses especially retailers can benefit in many ways. Incorporate this technology in your pressure washing advertising ideas to kick start your business.

29. Yelp

Yelp users have written more than 177 millions reviews by the end of 2018. The main goal of yelp is to connect people with local businesses. Nowadays people majorly rely on reviews. In fact, hence it proves claiming your business on Yelp will be great as it can make your pressure washing advertising campaign successful. The best thing about Yelp is, it is totally FREE! Every business owner (or manager) can set up a free account and message their clients. Hence, you cannot miss out on this if you want to excel your business. Go and get your free Yelp account! People looking for pressure washing might find you reliable by reading your excellent reviews and recommendations. When it comes to pressure washing advertising ideas, using Yelp is a great way to excel.

Yelp Marketing

30. Google Business Page

Google My Business is an all-in-one gateway to help you control your Google listing. Once you have created your business profile, your business information will be visible in search results and on Google listing. The Google My Business listing appears in the Google Maps section of Google as well as the local packs for qualifying search queries. But just doing the basic steps won’t set up and get you placed high in the map rankings.

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Having a strong Google My Business profile can help you stand out from your competition. After all, it puts your name in front and center when they are searching online, plus having your contact information easily accessible shows prospects that you want to be contacted. And Google has added a number of features over the years that most businesses never take advantage of. Make sure you use this technique in your pressure washing advertising ideas to promote your business.

So what are you waiting for? Create your Google My Business page now and excel your business to a new level.

Get Ready To Build a Business With Exponential Growth

That’s it, now you have top 30 pressure washing advertising ideas to implement it today in your business marketing plan. Share with us your experience that how these marketing strategies help your company to gain more potential customers while generating leads.


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