Landscaping Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Business Revenue

landscaping marketing ideas

With landscaping marketing ideas, you have a great opportunity to maximize your lawn care business net revenue while building a strong online presence.

As per the statistic, “U.S. retail sales of lawn and garden supplies are projected to reach $6.6 billion in 2019.” This stats the increasing demand for the landscaping industry and the need to maintain the top position in the competitive market. Here, incorporating online marketing strategies for landscaping business plan plays a vital role.

Lawn care marketing ideas help you attract potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. But, before that, it is essential to do thorough research about your niche and competition. This will help you gain more benefits from marketing strategies.

Along with this, it is equally important to know which strategy is used to improve your brand awareness and how correctly it is implemented. Here are some of the best gardening advertising ideas to be consider.    

13 Proven Landscaping Marketing Ideas, Tips and Plans To Boost Your Business Growth

1. Foster Customer Loyalty For Long-Term Success

To overcome the hurdles created by the rivals it is important to have organic and loyal customers. A loyal customer is responsible for the consistent landscaping business growth. You can cultivate customer loyalty with logo designing. This will not only help you enhance brand recognition but also develop customer loyalty.

effective logo design

As brand grows, a logo also becomes familiar among customers. As a result, it creates the perception that you are the trustworthy and accessible lawn care service provider.

“Take your landscaping company to the next level with the attractive Logo Design” – Know The 5 Reasons You Must Have The One!

Your logo can provide customers useful information about your company. You can generate trust among customers when you have a logo that positively communicates with them. It leaves a strong impression on your potential customers that drives them back to your business. Hence, we can say that logo is the iconic symbol for your brand recognition.

2. Market Your Lawn Care Business Before Peak Season

Marketing in the peak season can be great but it also puts your business on risk. This is because you are busy in fulfilling the demands of the customers, leaving you with no time to implement new strategies. The best idea is to market your landscaping business before peak season. That way when busy season hits, you can aim for what truly matters to grow your business.  

lead nurturing process

The concept of nurturing leads is the best to consider when you want to market your lawn care business before busy season. It is the process of developing relationships with customers at every stage of sales funnel starting with bringing awareness, informing about services, engaging and converting visitors to clients.

Nurturing leads help you build your brand before the season starts as it generates 50% more purchase-ready customers at 33% lower cost. All you have to do is to communicate with the customers while providing them the information and answers they need.

Tip: To build your credibility in the market start sharing articles providing tips and tricks about the common issues which customers are experiencing while performing landscaping.

3. Develop a Referral Strategy to Grow your Business Faster

One of the best landscaping marketing ideas is to develop a referral strategy. Try to generate more customers referrals from the existing satisfied customers. A Referral program helps you decrease the sales budget while focusing on the customers who are already satisfied with your landscaping service. According to the Nielsen, 90% of the customers trust referrals from the people they know.

“A referral strategy also help you improve your landscaping business revenue, while generating better ROI.”

refer an earn

You can provide them a coupon or other beneficial deal on a future service whenever they refer to another customer. Along with this, sending notes or reminder to your potential customers on their birthday can be a positive approach which helps you drive more sales. A referral strategy is also known as word-of-mouth advertisement.

4. Create The Landscaping Business Profile on Houzz

You can say Houzz as the niche social network as it contains some social elements including a message board, commenting and sharing services or ideas with other Houzz users. It is all about attracting your targeted landscaping customers with visuals of your work. Marketers say Houzz is one of the best lawn care marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

“A statistic provided by Blue Corona stats, there are over  40 million active users are on Houzz.”

Landscaping Business Profile on Houzz

Homeowners using Houzz are searching for the solutions, tips, ideas, and contractors for their project. Thus, the chances of getting leads and sales increases. But, you have to get in front of the right users.

By adding your new landscaping projects with detailed descriptions on a regular basis, incorporating the unique landscaping pictures and actively looking at the customer reviews and responding, will help your landscaping business more visible. As a result, you are able to improve landscaping business awareness among potential customers.

  5. Respond to Online Reviews Help You Build Positive Reputation

How to get more landscaping customers? If this is the question revolving in your mind, then here is the solution.

No matter how big or small your landscaping business, it can have a bad day which ends up affecting customer’s experience. This leads to one of the most difficult to deal situation in this digital world – a negative online review.

According to the survey conducted by BrightLocal, 86% of the customers read reviews for local businesses. In which, 80% of 18-34 years old people write online reviews including both positive or negative.

Respond to Online Reviews

Thanks to the online review platforms like Yelp and many more which allows customers to share their experience with professional services around the world. In order to have your landscaping business on the top of the competitive market, it is very important to maintain customer relationship.

Monitoring and responding to each and every customer review help you increase your business rating in the near future. This is clearly mentioned in the study titled “ “Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings” in Harvard Business Review. If you want to know more about Online Review Management, then click here.

  6. Drive More Website Traffic With Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Who doesn’t want their landscaping business to appear on the top whenever the customer searches on Google search engine. Everyone, Right! Search engine optimization i.e. SEO is one of the best landscaping marketing ideas that you can implement in your business plan.

It not only helps your landscaping business rank on the top of the Google search engine but also boosts your online visibility. Eventually, this helps you drive more website traffic.

Website Traffic With Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy as compared to paid advertising. You don’t have to pay anything whenever the customer clicks on your ad on a search engine. It is not something which can be done single-handed, instead of hiring a professional marketing agency providing effective SEO services help your landscaping business rank quickly on a search engine.

Overall, SEO marketing strategy helps you get all the necessary traffic needed to your business.

7. Develop Long and Actionable Content To Outrank Your Competitors

Content is the key element for your landscaping website. Therefore, it is very important to create effective and user-friendly content depicting your services. Whether you want to increase company revenue, brand-awareness or client retention, content marketing is considered as one of the best landscaping marketing ideas.

It is advisable to create long and actionable blogs as it can easily outrank the shorter ones. According to the studies, longer content tends to attract more backlinks. As a result, your Google search engine ranking improves.

Video Credit: Vyond

Creating a long-form content i.e. approximately 1500+ words with high-quality links is the new content strategy that is in trend. Long content helps to rank your landscaping website for a variety of long-tail keywords. Besides that, it generates new business opportunities for you in a longer timeframe.

Overall, the main reason behind creating longer articles and posting on your landscaping website is it attracts organic traffic from google timelessly.

  8. Social Media – An Ultimate Landscaping Marketing Idea!

Social media is growing at a rapid pace all over the world. Most of Americans use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to improve their company’s visibility. This has been observed in the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the USA.

As a result, when you share your landscaping business relevant content on these social networks it reaches to users rapidly.

social media marketing

Image courtesy: Pew Research Center

You can create a personal relationship with your targeted customers and clients. It is allowing customers to know you, increasing their trust in your company and providing them value without asking them for anything. Hence, we can say that social media marketing is one of the great marketing strategies for landscaping business as it helps to increase your potential customers, resulting in a growing company.

  9. Improve Your Landscaping Business with Google Analytics

You might be thinking “how to get landscaping customers with Google analytics?” The first step to get customers and improve your landscaping business is to enhance user-interaction, which is done by improving your website. Don’t know where to start? Start monitoring the data and use relevant user behavior to drive updates instead of making random changes to your site.

Here, Google Analytics is a useful source where you can get actual data on every aspect of your website. It is the most popular strategy to grow landscaping business.

Google analytics

GIF courtesy: gfycat

Over 85.6% of all the websites use Google analytics, to find growth rates of their companies and try to improve accordingly. From visitors’ demographics, most popular pages on your website to detailed information about website traffic i.e. from where the traffic is coming from, Google analytics covers all.

Knowing all these data and makes changes according to your company business helps to improve bounce rate and satisfying visitors with their demands.

  10. Email Marketing – A Great Way To Reach Potential Customers

Email marketing considered as one of the best landscaping marketing ideas to get your business in front of maximum customers. It is an important way to grow your business in this fast growing world of online marketing. The most popular form of email marketing is the newsletters or flyers. You can create creative flyers including all the information like special promotions or offers, daily deals emails, solo blasts, follow up sequences and autoresponders.

BMA email marketing

Image courtesy: hloom

Sending newsletters or flyers in the mail is a powerful way to keep your regular clients or targeted audience up-to-date with your business events or special offers. From increasing your brand recognition, connecting with the target audience to enhancing your credibility, implementing email marketing provides all.

Besides that, email marketing is also a great way to drive your customers back to your landscaping website.

11. Skyrocket Your Landscaping Business With PPC Marketing

Looking for more leads and booked jobs for your landscaping business? If you’re not investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising, you’re missing out something great. There are many savvy landscaping companies that know that key to getting more leads and booked jobs from the web is to maximize your first-page real estate on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

PPC Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is considered as one of the best tools that you can implement in your landscaping marketing ideas to boost your business. Here you can run ads and you pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can measure anything that is related to a PPC campaign from costs, profits, views, clicks, visits and many more.

From the initial step of the PPC campaign, you know how much you have spent and if you are generating profit or a loss. Implement it today and take your business to another level.

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12. Stop Losing Potential Clients With Fill-In Form Services

This is one of the simplest methods when you are looking for landscaping marketing ideas. Here you need to capture the identity of those interested prospects so you can follow up with them later. This will keep your landscaping business at top of the mind so when they need your services, they’ll call you!

Here is an sample image of a lead-capturing form:

Fill in form

An effective lead capturing form works by offering your visitor something useful – a FREE estimate, for example, FREE lawn care ideas – in exchange of email address. Once you got their email address, you can email them with special offers and updates regularly!

Pro Tip: The fewer details you ask for, the more likely people are to fill out your form. So make an eye-catching form so people can find it easy and don’t have no reason to skip the form without filling.

13. Develop Creative Website Design To Gain More Sales

As a professional landscaper, your aim is to provide a satisfactory feeling to potential customers when they visit your website for specific information. Design your website which enhances the user experience means it should be easy to understand and which define your company’s identity.

Also, your landscaping landing page should be mobile responsive and it should comply with search engines updates so that your targeted customers can easily reach your business with ease.

bma website landing pages

bma website landing pages mobileview

Image courtesy: BMA

With the help of landscaping marketing agency providing website design and development service, you can easily create engaging and creative website landing pages. They help you gain more leads by adding all the relevant and potential design elements on your website. Overall, having a creative landscaping website enhance your brand online presence, making it easy to navigate while providing a better experience for visitors.

In conclusion, it is very important to promote your landscaping business to beat nearly 500,000 businesses operated in the United States. Considering the above landscaping marketing ideas will help you achieve your business success goals while targeting potential clients.


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