HVAC Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

HVAC Marketing Strategies

Are you a heating and air conditioning contractor? Want to take your business to the next level? Are you looking for HVAC Marketing Strategies to get more leads & sales?

To be at the top of the HVAC industry, Marketing Strategies can be very helpful for your business growth.

But, if you are reading this, then you are on the right track!!

Here, you don’t have to waste time searching for the best way to grow your business. Get ready to experience the difference in your HVAC business growth.

Role Of Online HVAC Marketing Strategies In Business Growth

In today’s digital world, everyone is online. Whether it is to shop for household items or get the best HVAC service, people do online research and then take the final buying decision.

Internet marketing allows you to reach your potential customers when they are searching online. This means you can gain leads for your HVAC business.

Overall, we can say online marketing tactics play a major role in growing your HVAC business. It can save you both time and money while attracting customers to your business.

You can also define the right budget for your online marketing strategies through this online marketing calculator.

With this calculator, you can do internet marketing strategy planning easily. This is because it will rapidly generate a monthly budget for you integrating the whole plan breakdown.

Let us observe past one-year Statistics of HVAC Marketing which boosts your confidence in implementing online marketing strategies to your business plan.

  • 57% of online traffic to HVAC companies comes from smartphones.
  • Digital ad spend is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2021.
  • Average 46% of users act after viewing video ads on the website.
  • Facebook video influence online customers to make a purchase.

This is how online marketing strategies help your HVAC business to attract potential customers, achieving your success goals.

But, what are the best marketing tactics which makes easier for you to grow your HVAC business? Let us observe one by one!

11 Proven HVAC Marketing Strategies For Generating Leads and Sales

1. Increase your business revenue with seasonal HVAC advertising

Every season whether it is spring, summer, winter or fall has something different to offer to a marketing professional strategy.

Take advantage from these seasonal customer needs!

Every season includes unique holidays, events and activities. As a result, consumers behave differently as per their needs.

Whether you want to focus on customer retention or increasing your heating and conditioning leads, it is always important to reach your potential audience at the right time. That means when consumers need the most, your service should be available.


With online marketing professionals, you can pay attention to your potential audience behavior and accordingly fulfill their needs. Also, they help you strategize which online marketing services are worth focusing on.

For example:

As you can see in the above image, promoting your seasonal products or services are in demand during that time of a year or promoting a holiday sale on your services as consumers have a day off.

Seasonal campaigns have proven to be the best marketing strategies in growing your HVAC business.

For example, the Illinois company has generated $258,040 in revenue by implementing a winter campaign. Another company called American Home Heating & Air brought in $30,000+ revenue from mailing targeted customers in the picking season i.e. performed seasonal marketing.

Every season holds a number of holidays and weather opportunities. The most beneficial season isn’t the same for every business. Therefore, it is very important to choose the proven HVAC marketing tactics to bring in more jobs.

2. Generate Return On Investment (ROI) with Email Marketing  

One of the most effective marketing methods continues to be email marketing. According to the report generated by the Direct Marketing Association, $28.50 sales were generated for every dollar invested in email marketing.

That means, $7 in sales for every $1 spent for direct mail!

Email Marketing Example HVAC

Pic Courtesy: Sano Steam

HVAC mail marketing is a proven lead-generation technique. This we can say from the above statistics. You can increase your HVAC business sales through email marketing. But, how is this possible?

One of the effective internet marketing strategies is known as email marketing. It holds the same importance as the same direct mail. Only one difference, instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

Actually, email is a channel that provides a good ROI. On an average 66% of companies have rated email marketing ROI as an excellent way to define the success rate of your HVAC business. No other marketing strategies, except SEO, are rated that high.

Also, you can easily calculate your own email marketing ROI once you have investment and profit numbers in your hands. But, what if you want to improve your email ROI? Here are the steps to follow:-

How To Improve Your Email ROI?

  • Set your goals
  • Proactively grow your email list
  • Use triggered emails effectively
  • Segment your list
  • Focus on deliverability
  • Optimize for mobile

At last, track and test email performance results to continually boost ROI. Overall, you can opt for email marketing for your HVAC business for a lead generation, lead nurturing, up-selling, cross-selling, and relationship building.

3. Get HVAC Business On 1st Page Of Google With PPC Marketing

One of the quickest ways to generate traffic to your website besides SEO is pay-per-click i.e. PPC marketing. But, what about getting leads and sales to your HVAC business?

You can get or generate marketing leads for your heating and air conditioning business is through promoting your company, business products or services, events or contests on the website.

How Does it Work?

Whenever the visitor clicks on your HVAC business advertisement to redirect to your website or landing page, you pay the advertiser for every clicked ad. The amount may differ based on how your competitive businesses bid for the same ad placement. All of this is the real-time process.

What Are The Different PPC Campaigns Used To Satisfy Your HVAC Business Needs?

1. Google Ads

Whether you have a small HVAC business or already a renowned brand, Google Ads is one of the best and most popular PPC campaigns. With the volume of searches on Google, you will find a number of potential buyers.

hvac google-ads

As you can observe in this figure, Google Ads appear on the top of your screen when searching. Also, sometimes you can see on the side or bottom of the page.

With Google, you will see an AD icon so that any visitor will know that business had purchased that spot to display their business ad.

Any business displayed on the page without AD icon, it is known as an organic search result. According to the research, organic search is more likely to be clicked on, and when the researcher clicks on Google Ad i.e. paid ads, they are more intended towards buying.

If you want to set-up a Google Ads campaign it is important to research customer needs and accordingly what keywords they will use to search particular products or services. Also, keep a note about the buyer’s location, competitors marketing ideas and ad copy that will drive your targeted customer to click into your ad.

Google Ads also allows you to set geo-targets, allocate maximum bid and a daily budget when setting up the ad placement. The number of clicks by visited customers i.e. cost-per-click or your target goal and the bid amount will help you determine the budget for HVAC PPC marketing.

2. Google Guaranteed Ads

If you have ever searched for any service, such as AC repair, then you may have noticed a little green checkmark next to the results on the page. This shows the potential customers that your HVAC business is Google Guaranteed.

It also helps your heating and air conditioning business to build a strong reputation online and attracts your potential customers to click your ads.

Google Guaranteed Ads

Google Guaranteed Ads

To have your business Google guaranteed, ensure that you have a license and overall pre-screened. One of the biggest advantages of these Google guaranteed ads is that Google will offer you a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the work you booked through these ads.

Google will do a thorough inspection to make sure that the job was or wasn’t done fully. For details information on Google guaranteed ads, you can go through the Smartz post. Through this, you will get complete details on how does it work and how it will benefit your HVAC business.

4. Maximize Your HVAC Marketing Result With Attractive Website Design

If your HVAC business website is engaging, then surely it will attract the customers. A better website is directly proportional to an increase in business leads.

Now a day, no matter whether it is a small or big business operates entirely online. For such business owners, a website is a place for their business.

Want to increase your HVAC business revenue or get higher results? Website designing and development is the best marketing strategy for you. It helps to create a unique and engaging landing page or website for your business.

Maximize Your HVAC Marketing Result With Attractive Website Design

Pic Courtesy: My Cleaner

But, what if you have never worked with the new website project and want to know the average cost of website designing?

Actually, there is no specific blueprint for the website design as its pricing depends on various factors like website size or company requirement.

Various elements of your HVAC website design that impacts marketing success

1. Simple and easy navigation

It is important that your website should have easy to find the menu and clear contact information in the center and front.

2. Internal links

To improve your targeted user experience, it is important to have internal links, to simplify the navigation and the overall site structure.

3. White spaces

HVAC sites with short paragraphs are easier to understand than a block of huge texts. Here, breaking up texts with images and headlines helps.

4. Multiple call-to-actions

Ensure your landing page have multiple call-to-actions to know people what to do further. For example, if you want the audience to subscribe to the email list, then put the call to action above the field.

Overall, having an attractive and engaging website for your HVAC business will help you convert your targeted visitors into valuable customers.

5. Boost Your Business Conversion Rates With Google Follow-up Ads

In today’s digital environment, how to get customers multiple times to your website to see the sales message?

Is this possible to influence customers to revisit the website again?

Yes! It is possible with Google follow-up ads which are also called remarketing or retargeting. It uses cookies on a user’s browser to show them ads build on their previous online actions.

For example, any particular user searches for heating and air conditioning service could be shown to display ads for HVAC service provider deals.

Remarketing or retargeting the part of the search and other social media PPC advertising campaigns. Also, it can be used as part of digital marketing i.e. email.

So, how does the process works?

Boost Your Business Conversion Rates With Google Follow-up Ads

Image Courtesy: seoclerk

Based on your ad network, you will be given a small code snippet to install on your website. This snippet adds users who don’t convert to your lists of targeted audiences to track using cookies.

When these visitors browse to other websites they are shown display ads from your remarketing ad network. This is because the cookies trigger which causes the site to show banner ads promoting your HVAC business or services.

With time, these repeated viewings of your marketing ads enhance your business online presence. Overall, Google follow-up ads help you maximize HVAC business conversion rates i.e. you can easily convert visitors into your potential customers.

The average cost of Google PPC search ad per click is $2-$3 and a remarketing ad has an average cost of $0.25-$0.60.

6. Effects of Reviews On Your HVAC Business

As you probably know, reviews can mean a lot to your bottom line; they make the difference between a customer selecting your business or selecting the services of your local competitors.

It can be really very difficult to find a good and experienced contractor, and with so many people using the internet to find reliable ones in your area, it’s crucial that you look out for online opportunities to provide business leads.

Usually, the reviews that appear online for your business will be your client’s first exposure to your HVAC business. As an outcome, you need to assure that the overall experience provides a great first impression. Effectively, you’ll want at least a positivity rate of at least 75% in your reviews so that your business looks attractive to new clients.

Adopt All Reviews

You just need to make sure you never delete the negative keywords because doing this will make your online business look fake. Actually, these reviews are obvious and good for your business, and addressing these reviews can help to minimize the negative effects on your HVAC business.

When you see them, respond to it as soon as possible and find the best solution for the issues that have been occurred. If in case you have between a 3 to 5 stars rating on Google, you will benefit from the reviews because 87% of the population looks for contractors with primarily positive reviews.

Effects of Reviews On Your HVAC Business

Pic courtesy: Guthrie and Sons Heating and Cooling

It is very important to respond to the reviews, whether it is positive or negative. So, after receiving the positive review that you’re looking for, your job isn’t over. Make sure you always make a follow up with your reviews so that you can keep yourself engaged with the client’s need, whether they are negative or positive reviews.

Having a positive review is a great thing, and they provide you, possible clients, with some evidence that the HVAC services that you offer are top-notch.

Be Active & Responsive with the Feedbacks

As we said before that it is essential to respond and to be proactive with all types of reviews you receive. Sometimes, things happen, and your client may turn picky or If you miss on customer feedback, then there is the possibility of increasing negative comments. There is nothing to worry about. To avoid such things Branding Marketing Agency has come up with effective review monitoring services just for you. We provide the best online review management services for your business.

Branding Marketing Agency’s review monitoring services keep you updated with the latest reviews posted on your social media or review platforms. Now forget the stress of continuously monitoring the reviews. Our experts and methods will give you regular updates regarding the feedbacks, guarding your brand image in the industry.

7. Attract More Business With The Power of Referral Programs

Customer referrals are pure gold in the marketing world. When someone buys products or services from your company based on customer referral, then they’re more likely to tell others in the industry if they had a positive experience.

If each client tells five more friends, and then those friends tell other friends, then you can see exception growth. This is an effect that you want to have on sales for your HVAC business. There are many companies that provide discounts on referrals. In this way, you turn each person providing a referral for your company into an unofficial salesperson without that expensive salary.

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted friend referral is the holy grail of advertising Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.

Word-Of-Mouth Referral Programs

When you combine online and offline marketing and advertising tactics, these word-of-mouth referrals can have an enormous impact on your bottom line. The first step, however, is getting your referrals program off the ground.

The best thing about the referrals program is that the clients stay loyal. A recent study shows that German bank clients who opened an account from a client referral were 18 percent more likely to stay with the bank than new customers who weren’t referred.

Attract More Business With The Power of Referral Programs


When these new clients with referrals arrived at the bank, they already knew that the bank’s hours, the day of operation, and other key features were a fit to their needs. It means people who refer your company to other people provide the same types of information. Long-term customers help build a study revenue stream for your company.

The Top 5 Benefits of Referral Programs

  • It reduces the sales budget by focusing on clients who are satisfied with your product and services.
  • It increases the sales cycle by generating leads within the scope of your satisfied client circles of influence, a better way to spend marketing dollars than cold calling.
  • Moreover, it quickly generates more satisfied clients, ensuring a continuous cycle of repeat clients and referrals.
  • It also improves sales revenue, offering a higher conversion rate than unqualified sales leads.
  • Also, it generates a better overall ROI from your marketing strategy.

8. Enhance Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when businessmen used to give ads in magazines, Telemarketing, Flyers, and Brochures and many more for a particular product or service. Nowadays, the Internet has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life and social media is an important part of it. Social Media can take your business to new heights if used in a proper way.

Due to the power of social media, companies now allocate about 7% of their marketing funds to these networking platforms. The good news is that the abundance of online users constitutes an unlimited marketing audience. According to the records of Statista, the number of social media users worldwide has escalated in a huge amount (in billions).

If you would like to boost profits for your HVAC business with the help of social media, you will first need to create a team pulled from client service, marketing and, sales. Moreover, you need to consider some essential steps to boost your Social Media business marketing.

Enhance Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Pic Courtesy: Xtraordinary Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Social Media Marketing For HVAC Company

Branding Marketing Agency’s social media services provide you an opportunity to differentiate your HVAC company from your competitors with a brand community. Not like other marketing techniques, social media allows you to encourage and participate in a two-way dialogue with your followers.

This gives you the ability to promote the growth of an online community of clients and people who are loyal to and show an affinity towards your brand. BMA’s team will work with you to identify your brand’s personality and with the help of our social media design service, we will create a type of content that will improve brand sentiment and boosts your brand image.

Whether you are planning to build your online presence or planning to drive targeted leads through social media service, we can assure you no one can do better than Branding Marketing Agency. Check out our monthly social media packages for more details.

In case you are in search of customized social management service packages, then BMA’s social media management calculator can help you with the best strategies at affordable rates as per your requirements.

9. Video Marketing – A New Way to Generate Leads From The Internet

Video marketing is also considered as one of the best marketing methods. If you are in the HVAC business, it can be difficult to catch your client’s eye. So how do you keep people aware of what you do, drive your website to the top of search pages, and remain current?

HVAC video marketing is the answer!

Generating videos and marketing products or services through them are one of the best methods to generate more leads. It is because videos can connect better to the clients and can leave a clear message about your services or products to potential clients. Do you know that videos are popular on the search engine? The biggest search engine in the world (Google) will showcase video results on the 1st page of the results. This is a fabulous way to grab the attention of the potential clients.

Showcasing introduction videos of a company on the website home page, and Youtube is a great step to connect with clients. You can show when did it start, we specialize in, certifications, professional staff, happy customers and many more. This can leave a great impression on the visitors and potential clients. The videos should be full of graphics, images, connecting content and many more. This will make people more engaged with your product or service video. Even Forbes says Video Marketing is the future of Content Marketing, Click here to see why?

Courtesy: Furnace Doctors

If you want your HVAC business to gain success, you need to make some effort to market it well. Regardless of the promotional strategies you already employ, you can only benefit from an eye-catching and informative video. It can be said as the easiest way to attract clients towards your business. Before you start, learn some tips to create a killer marketing video.

Now you have some ideas about powerful videos to engage with your HVAC clients. So, it’s time for some lights, cameras, and action!

Related Blog: Guidelines to Create Google AdWords Video Ad to Promote YouTube Videos

10. Look Good in Search Results With SEO Services

Craving for more leads and more booked jobs? It all begins with being at the top of the search engine. Get there with the help of our SEO experts!

As said before, the Internet has become the most important part of everyone’s life. In this competitive business world, it is very important that your brand is visible to the majority of people. Similarly, it is important for HVAC contractors to be visible on the major search engine such as; Google, Yahoo, & Bing. As the majority of customers are searching for services over the internet. The reason behind this is, the search engine is now the #1 source for consumers when they look for local services.

For instance, when you Google “HVAC repair me” or “HVAC repair in California”, is your company’s website listed as one of the top three results? If you are not in the top three (Organic and Local both), you are losing business to your contenders-guaranteed.

About 97% of consumers go online to find local services, and 93% of online experience begins with a search engine. Once there, 55% of searchers click on one of the first three entries. Moreover, a study by Search Engine Watch shows that #1 position in Google gets 33% of search traffic. So, through this, you can analyze how important SEO is for your business.

Look Good in Search Results With SEO Services(2)

Look Good in Search Results With SEO Services

Climb The Search Result Page With SEO Services

Well, using our tailored local SEO service for your HVAC business, can help you to be in front of the right people at the exact time they are exploring for your services. We can assure you that this will increase the visibility set of chain reaction, leading to more interest in your business, more traffic to your website, and more profits added to your bottom line.

SEO is more than just pepping keywords through your website. BMA experts examine every page, image, and URL to ensure each phase of your website is optimized for your business among the highest returns. As your HVAC website is the most important part of SEO strategy, we don’t stop there. Using off-site SEO strategies like social media and local directories, you’ll see a boost in your local brand awareness and lead generation.

BMA also provides a combined package of SEO, SMM, Link Building, Online PR and many more. You can develop your marketing strategy according to your budget. BMA marketing strategy provides 3 different zones to target Local, Regional, and National. Moreover, it also allows you time frame services as per your requirements.

Design My Custom Online Marketing Strategy Now!  >>

11. Use The Power of Geofencing to Propel Your Business to New Heights

Geofencing is a marketing trend that is getting popular day by day, it is a location-based mobile service that allows the business to send a notification to the smartphone user within the specified geographical area. It is generally used as a marketing tool to directly engage possible clients in the area by sending promotional and information straight to the customer’s phone. Because of small scale business are less popular by consumers than big brand names, geofencing is a particularly useful tool to help grow your small scale business.

Let’s see how geofencing can be beneficial for your HVAC business.

Firstly, How does it works and can benefit your business

Geofencing technology draws a virtual boundary around real-life geographic areas. This geographic fencing can be custom drawn. This is because it is around the perimeter of business or within a present square mile perimeter of business or location. This technology tracks when someone enters or exits the geographic boundary you have set for your Geofencing campaign. For instance, when someone enters your HVAC business boundary, it will trigger the alert/advertisement to the user’s smartphone about your business.

As per the stats from Plotprojects, Geofencing has increased app usage over 200%, leading to high consumer engagement and conversion into making a sale. Moreover, the Geofencing click-through rate is fifteen times higher than normal push notification. It means that Geofencing notification has increased the number of clicks on the promotional notification your business sends them. Because huge businesses have the benefit of the popular brand among the consumers, Geofencing can be a stepping stone to your small scale business.

Use The Power of Geofencing to Propel Your Business to New Heights

It’s a Cost-Efficient Method for Marketing

Geofencing not only provides a perfect marketing timing for your business but also incredibly cost-effective advertising. Most small scale businessmen don’t have a high budget for marketing and advertising, yet still, need these tools to grow their business. Geofencing doesn’t break the budget because a small business can create its own marketing channel rather than paying for advertising or marketing agency.

Using Geofencing allows small businesses to directly compete with big businesses for a fraction of the price. Whatever the budget is, there is a wide range of options that any small business can afford.

Use The Power of Geofencing to Propel Your Business to New Heights(2)

Geofencing is an incredible advertising and marketing tool. This method helps your business to target customers in strategic geographical areas of interest with enticing offers such as sales, promotions, and information about their business. It is considered one of the best method because of its budget flexibility and easy customer targeting practices

Are You Ready To Increase Your HVAC Business Leads With Online Marketing Strategies?

These HVAC marketing tactics are one of the best ways to market your company online.

As a heating and air conditioning business owner, you don’t have that skill and knowledge about online advertising and how to attract potential customers. You can hire a marketing company to achieve this.

So, do you think you can take your HVAC business to the next level?

Outrank your competitors with digital marketing strategies!!


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