How to Add a Manager to Google My Business?

As a business owner, you need to maintain your business listing on Google to enhance local visibility online and engage with more customers. It is a great idea to manage your listing professionally. Fortunately, Google makes this possible!

Here are some simple steps to add a manager to your Google My Business account.

Step: 1 Sign in to your Google My Business account.

login to google my business

Step: 2 Ensure you are using card view after login. It provides you the facility to view your locations just by clicking the cards icon which is on the right side top of your location list.

Step: 3 Choose the listing of your choice and click on Manage Location.

GMB manage locations

Step: 4 Now, click the three dash menu icon available on the upper left side of your screen, then click Users .

GMB user tab

Step: 5 Click the “invite new manager” icon user plus icon appears on in the top right corner of “Manager of (your business)” box.

manage permissions

Step: 6 Select the role of your user as Owner, Site Manager or Manager by clicking below their name.

users access role

Step: 7 Click on the Invite button to send an invitation.

add new users

Step: 8 Once invitees will accept the invitation, they will immediately become listing owners or managers.

invitation email

Step: 9 This window will help you to check all active owners or managers, along with pending invitations who have been invited to become owners or manager. There is X icon available as shown in the screenshot below to cancel pending invitations if you want to remove any.

remove permission


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