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Google Ads

Google Ads: An Ultimate Pathway To Business Growth!

Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords is the most profitable and popular form of paid online advertising. Google Ads is a platform that helps to organize and operate your efforts on online ad campaigns. Moreover, it helps to show ads various Google properties such as Google search, Gmail, YouTube, Google App Store, mobile apps and lots of additional partner sites.

Nowadays, advertising with Google Ads management services has reached the highest peak in digital marketing when it comes to promoting the business. If you are in online business and want to get instant traffic to your website, Google Ads Campaign Management Services can help you out.

But, Google Ads is complex, ever-changing and time-consuming. Therefore, you need expert professionals to handle all your Google Ads campaigns in an appropriate way. Branding Marketing Agency is one of the trusted names in the online digital marketing industry. The professionals at Branding Marketing Agency are experts in all aspects of Google Ads.

Google Ads

BMA is a well-known ad management agency and has the capability of transforming your website visitors into high paying leads. Our Google Ads campaigns have witnessed a majority of satisfied clients. We keep our clients updated about the consistent progress of the Google Ads campaign created for their business website.

In this digitalized world, if someone is planning to buy or wants to know more about your product or service you offer. The first thing they will do an online search. He/she will definitely at least once do Google Search to find out who are the top companies that provide the service which they want or product available at an affordable rate.

Furthermore, Google Ads are shown above the local and organic Google search results. So, prospects who are searching for your product or service can easily reach your business through your ad. At Branding Marketing Agency, we ensure you are connected with your customers wherever they are.

The professionals at BMA can handle your Google Ads campaigns. We target the high converting keywords that will encourage consumers to your website. This requires keyword research to display your ad to the users who are looking for business (products or services) like yours.

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Keyword Research For Better ROI

For the success of an Ad campaign, proper keyword research is necessary. We research the keywords including its cost to produce a better ROI using the search terms that are fruitful for your business.

Competitor Analysis To Stay Ahead

It requires a thorough competitor analysis to get insights into your competitor’s ad campaigns. We do a proper analysis to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Ads Account to Campaign & Ad Copy Creation

From Google Ads account creation to campaign and ad copy creation, we are expert to configure it all. We will create an engaging and effective ad copy to receive the best possible conversion rates. As per your business requirement, we create Search Ads, Call-Only Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, App ads.

Landing Page Design For Driving Users To Right Place

Without a landing page, where will you drive your customers after clicking on your ad? Our experts can design a high converting landing page to drive consumers in the right direction.

Weekly Reporting & Plans For In-depth Progress

A detailed report including clicks, impressions, calls, conversions, cost, and cost per click will be provided every week. Moreover, we will discuss further plans to increase results.

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