How to Create a Link for Customers to Leave Google Reviews?

Google My Business reviews play a very important role for the growth of local businesses. This is because they are the first thing which any prospective customers will observe while searching for particular product or services. Also, reviews help customers to take the informed buying decision.

One of the biggest challenging tasks is getting a customer to write a Google review for your business. The reason behind this can be many but one of the common reasons is the long process of Google to write a review. In case, you are trying to craft an email pleasing customers to write a review on Google, there are several steps need to follow.

If you want to avoid this big process, then consider below mentioned steps on how to create direct link to your Google reviews page. This will make your process much easier for your customers. As a result, the customers can easily write the review.

Note: Before you proceed ahead, it is necessary that your company should have business listing on Google. If you have not still created, then here is the way to create one.

Easy Steps To Create a Valuable Customers To Write Google Reviews

Step: 1 Search for Google PlaceID Lookup Tool

Google Places API i.e. Place IDs help you uniquely identify a place for your business in the Google places database and on Google Maps. Google uses this to differentiate your company to other businesses in the area.

Step: 2 Enter Your Business Information

In this Place ID Lookup tool on Google maps platform you will observe a field named “Enter a Location”. Enter your business name in this field. Ensure that the business name you entered is exactly the same as in Google business listing. This is because through this only PlaceID Lookup Tool will cache your business. Get a clear idea from below screenshot.

enter your business name

Search your business name

Step: 3 Copy Your Place ID

After your business displayed, you can see "place ID" under your business name. Now, copy that code (string of letters and numbers) and save it to some text or word file.


Step: 4 Use Place ID in Google Search URL

Now, place that copied "PLACE ID" in the following URL, to get complete review link. PLACE ID HERE
After placing PLACE ID, your review link will look like:

Step: 5 Link Ready to sent to your customers

pop up review box

Clicking on Link, a pop-up window will appear!
Link will help your customers to review to your business easily, if they are already signed into their Google account.
Customers must be signed in Google Account to leave a Review!

As per Google's Policy. NEVER ask reviews by offering benefits or incentives to your customers.
It should be friendly text or email to customers asking to review your services or products.

Must reply to reviews.
• Be nice and don’t get personal.
• Keep it short and sweet.
• Thank your reviewers.
• Be a friend, not a salesperson.


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