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San Diego - 92014. California. USA
Year on Year

PPC Conversons Increased
rose by 178%


San Diego Truckmount


Supply carpet cleaning supplies

San Diego Truckmount Service and Supply
The challenges

Drive a higher number of leads completed per day

Increase the conversion rate for the core keywords in the campaigns improve the click-through rate (CTR) and average position of ads

The Strategy

planning & execution

intial study

Always working to the brief of the target audience and CPA, nearly 50+ Ad Groups were created to effectively target all 1,800 keywords at a granular level; driving higher Click-through Rates and Conversions.

Identify Problems

Extensive keyword research was used to find new target keyword opportunities and uncover thousands of negative keywords. This helped eliminate wasted clicks, thus reducing the all-important Cost per Lead.

Improve Ranking

Over 1,200 adverts have also been created as part of ongoing split-testing of advert text to further increase CTR and Conversions through capturing better consumer interest.

The Results

PPC Conversons Increased rose by 178%

Click Through Rate Increased by 83%

Organic traffic Increased by 160%

Since BMA took over our PPC work, we have seen considerable improvements in our click-through rate (CTR), converted clicks and cost per conversion (CPA). Commercially the project has been a great success and has delivered an excellent return on investment.

Bruce Jaden,

Marketing manager

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