Landing Page Pricing

Customers arrive on a landing page just by following links from several of social media platforms, promotional email, and search engine optimized advertising campaigns. Businesses try to convert this enquiry into sales or else they collect the contact information from the client using either reference or transaction landing pages.

Landing page is an attractive marketing tool because their effectiveness can be measured on the number of clients click on the advertisement that lead to a particular landing page.

Moreover, landing pages are fairly easy to set up, and they continue to attract attention after the initial investment in their creation. Some particularly useful ways to employ landing pages include:

Presenting the benefits of a particular service or product, something that just cant be done with a small advertisement;

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Landing Page Design Packages

Features Static Dynamic
Fully Optimized
Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Conversion tracking code setup
Online project management scheduling
Dedicated account representative
Market research
Conversion strategy
Conversion best practices documentation
2 hours coaching on strategy implementation    
Development of unique selling position  
Landing page design Unlimited Iterations Unlimited Iterations
Landing page programming/build 1 Iteration 3 Iterations
Multivariate conversion testing   1 Iteration 3 Iterations
Copywriting   1 Iteration 3 Iterations
User testing  
Setup of auto responders  
Confirmation/Thank you page  
PPC campaign review  
Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action    
Conversion path implementation    
Performance test reporting  
Conversion reporting  
Call tracking Additional $250 Additional $250
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Database integration By Quote By Quote By Quote
Video creation & implementation By Quote By Quote By Quote
Time frame 3 weeks 7 weeks 10 to 14 weeks
Investment $1,400 $2,500 $3,200

Moreover, landing page is easy to create, and they keep on attracting attention after the initial investment in their creation. Some of the particular useful ways to employ landing page includes:

● Displaying the benefits of a particular service or product.
● Developing an email list with the contact information offered by interested potential customers;
● Utilizing survey to obtain directed data on potential customers opinions of the products or the services you are offering.
● Taking the help of social media to get feedback from potential customer by adding embedded feedbacks linked to a number of social media franchises.

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