PPC Management Services


$350per month
  • $0-2,500/month ad spend
    (paid to networks)
  • Up to 400 keywords targeted
  • Google Ads Network
  • $1,000 setup fee

Aggressive PPC

$14% of ad spendper month
  • $2,501-$15,000/month ad spend
    (paid to networks)
  • Up to 400 keywords targeted
  • Google Ads & Bing Networks
  • $1,750 setup fee

Market Leader

PPC Plan
12% of ad spendper month
  • $15,000+/month ad spend
    (paid to networks)
  • Up to 400 keywords targeted
  • Google Ads & Bing Networks
  • Google Shopping Management
  • $2,500 setup fee

PPC Management Services That Grow Businesses

There is a science to find large number of low volume keywords that are cheaper to advertise on but still provides valuable return on investment. These can be used to bind around the expensive high volume keywords, significantly lowering the average cost per click over your entire campaign.

BMA can help bring a custom PPC management campaign to life to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company.

If you lust to have successful PPC campaigns using platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, our PPC management plan will be the best for your business niche. Branding Marketing Agency have years of experience and have worked for more than No. business niche and successfully managed to achieve a 95% task success ratio.

BMA PPC management services

Features Basic Plan Aggressive Plan Market Leader
Monthly PPC spend with PPC networks Up to $2,500 $2,501 to $15,000 $15,000 - $50,000
Keywords in campaign Up to 400 Up to 2,000 Up to 10,000
Google PPC Network
Bing PPC Networks Additional $150/month
Google Text Ad Remarketing & Banner Remarketing (if banner ads are included, provided by the client, or creative banner design is paid for)
Google Display Network
YouTube Video Ads (Clients need to provide video or purchase a WebpageFX web video production package)
Google In-Store Visit Reporting
Google customer match & audience match
Gmail Competitor Ads
MarketingCloudFX competitor intelligence
Initial campaign development & strategy
Advanced keyword research and selection
Industry analysis
Ad campaign copywriting
Ad copy performance testing
Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
Google analytics integration & goal tracking
Results analysis/reporting
Strategic bid management
PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting)
Single account representative
Up to two personal consultations per month  
Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked per month (Included for all WebpageFX clients)
Up to 25 web lead phone calls transcribed per month (Included for all WebpageFX clients)
Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
Setup and management of rule based bidding  
International PPC campaign management (English only campaigns)    
Setup of 1 Unbounce Landing Page template (optional)    
Website conversion analysis reporting    
Initial banner ad design for display & remarketing Add $900 Add $900 1 set included
Quarterly banner ad design for display & remarketing (a total of 4 banner ad sets a year) Add $300 Add $300 Add $225 a month (since 1 set is included each year)
Website conversion analysis implementation     By Quote
Social Media PPC Advertising By Quote By Quote By Quote
Landing page performance testing     By Quote
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
MarketingCloudFX Lead Tracking
Google Shopping Management $300/month $300/month Included
International Campaigns (Non-English) - Each additional language monthly management cost: $275 $275 $275
Weekly Data Calls: Review campaign changes every 7 days $400/month $400/month $400/month
Translation Services: By Quote By Quote By Quote
One time setup (1st month): $1,000 $1,750 $2,500
Progressive monthly management cost: $350 (& minimum for all plans) $500/mo. Or 14%, whichever is higher $1,800/mo. Or 12%, whichever is higher | $50k-$100k spend = 10% | $100k-$200k spend = 8% | $200k+ = 6%

Why is BMA one of the best PPC management service providers?

Promoting a business in an authentic manner takes lots of focus, cash and time. There are more than 150 SEO techniques that can be incorporated to receive a higher customer feed to your site. It is bit difficult to determine which of these techniques works best for your business website and which is not. If your business does not get appropriate techniques to promote your business then all efforts and investments will be wasted. Rather than wasting your money, time and energy call Branding Marketing Agency and ensure your website enjoys the best performance, marketing and receives the highest return of investment on PPC marketing campaigns.

Branding Marketing Agency experts recommend our aggressive PPC management plan. This plan encapsulates 2,000 keywords in Google Adwords and a spend up to $5,000. Branding Marketing Agency will setup your campaign to receive a positive response for your business. In last few years we have generated lots of leads and calls for more than 500 clients in their business.

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